About us

Swinguru is on a mission to reinvent the way we analyze and improve human movement in sports. Golf, Baseball and Softball are at the forefront of this journey.

At Swinguru, we are passionate about the intersection of sports and technology. We believe the use of technology in sport can help coaches and athletes improve performance in a way that was not possible before.

Created in 2010, Swinguru applies the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and body motion capture to help coaches and athletes see what the human eyes cannot see. Our innovative wireless, markerless, and sensorless software-based platform collects, analyzes and displays human motion data in real-time, raising both the understanding and improvement possibilities of movement in sports to whole new levels.

Swinguru designs Swinguru Pro, a revolutionary professional Swing Analysis solution, along with My Swinguru, the ultimate personal Swing Analyzer. Both products are interconnected through our online Swinguru Cloud, a central hub to access, track, visualize and share swing metrics, videos and data.

Swinguru products are in use by top golf, baseball, and softball instructors and players, and offer a multitude of features such as:

  • 2D / 3D Capture (Video & Data);
  • 3D Motion Analysis;
  • 3D Balance Tracking;
  • 3D Interactive Posture Biofeedback;
  • Wireless & Markerless Technology;
  • Automated Drawing Tools;
  • Integration with External Devices (High speed 2D video, ball flight from launch monitor and center of pressure from pressure mat);
  • Cloud-based Video & Data Storage and Management


At Swinguru, we collaborate with the best in the industry to create cutting-edge technology and provide fully integrated solutions for our customers. Our partners include companies like BodiTrak Sports, Foresight Sports, Ernest Sports, FlightScope, SportsBoard, Pocket Radar, and IDS.

We are committed to bringing the best motion capture technology, offering unparalleled teaching and learning experiences all over the world.